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Eloise Vincent || OSD by CrazzKat Eloise Vincent || OSD by CrazzKat
Name: Eloise Thedora Vincent
Nicknames: El, Elli **more to come

Age: 16 human years - 1.1 cat years - 12 months
Schooling Level: Highschool Student; Junior
Personality: Passionate || A&A || Devoted || Sensitive || Indecisive

Passionate || Eloise loves to do things, and when she does them, she's sure to love it. Her feelings over something tend to be spot on and she won't ever stop believing in whatever. If she trusts you and believes in you, then her life is probably in your hands. Good luck.

Adaptable and Accepting || Eloise is quick to adapt to any situation, and she's a great actress when she works her magic. If you're sarcastic and possibly even a little mean, she'll just as sarcastic but she won't be mean, she doesn't do that too well. Then again maybe you're completely sweet and endearing; El will probably cuddle up with you and make you feel right at home, treat others how they want to be treated right? However, she's very accepting of others opinions, beliefs, and personas as that's what makes them who they are.

Devoted || Never will Eloise turn her back on something. She's with something til the end and nothing will get in her way. El is fearsome about her work and her loyalty to her friends and family.

Sensitive || Despite being adaptable and accepting of others, Eloise is very sensitive deep down. So sometimes when she's smiling and going along with your game, she's really hurting on the inside; but she'll never show it. Only when she's alone, or believes she's alone, will she show this side of herself.

Indecisive || The worst type of confrontation Eloise can ever come across is to make a decision. In fact she's so indecisive, her father has planned for a sort of advising congress for the day she takes over the company. Although Eloise tries her best to make up her mind, she becomes extremely stuck the second she has to make a choice between two things she loves equally.

Brief Backstory:
There was a day in which two very high class families joined hands in celebration. It was the day in which their two companies and families became one with the marriage of Dmitri Vincent and Annalise Clark.
Both were pure bred Russian Blues, so when they gave birth to their first child, there was a lot of controversy over the girl's coloring. Some of Dmitri's family accused Annalise of having an affair, while a genetics test removed the accusations; the child only had a fault in her genetics resulting in her white and blue fur.
After all this drama, the two families left the heads alone with their child, Eloise, whom had been named after her great grandmothers Eloise and Thedora.

Unfortunately it was only 3 months later that Annalise passed away, having become sick with an unknown virus. With the death of her mother, Eloise needed a woman's touch to ensure she turned out all right and so Dmitri chose a willing hand to help. She grew up in the hands and arms of a nanny whom doubled as her tutor in most everything of what she needed to learn, so Eloise never went to elementary or middle school. Despite this, the many came to terms later, convincing Dmitri that Eloise needed socialization from kids her age and that she should be sent to school somewhere.
And thus began her high school experience.

- How did they learn of the school? Nanny Goliaz did some heavy duty internet searching for her favorite little tyke.
- Where they born in the city? On another part of the island? Some other country? Eloise's family hails from Russia, as they always have, but she grew up in England and knows little to no Russian.
- If not born on the island, how did they get there? Dmitri Vincent flew Eloise in himself to ensure her safety.

Rp Example: Taken from :iconthe-hidden-key:
"It was sunhigh, or noon, whatever it was, the sun was positioned upon
it's high throne all the way up in the bright blue sky. Of course it
wasn't perfect, there were clouds trailing the yellow orb, but Dhoruba
could care less because he was out on a hunt. He felt like he hadn't
stretched his leg in ages, and his newly blind eye needed to practice
being useless while the other did all the work; as the spotted tom was
sure to fail his first few attempts, he had made sure to leave his
tribe's camp alone. His blue eye trailed over the horizon, and a wisp
of nostalgia hit him; here he was, in the spot that the Crowded Water
tom and his good friend, Ajali had first met and played. It was funny
thinking of it as so, as they were both fully grown adults then, and
now, but Dhoruba hadn't seen the silver cheetah in a while, and he was
starting to miss his friends presence. Come on dork, show up before I
actually begin to think you forgot about your good friend Dhubby

Extra Facts

Birthday: February 29th **
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5'4
Weight: 145.2
Occupation: Coffee Shop Waitress
•Ray Ban glasses
•Natural Oyster Pearl jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet)
•Custom Coach Bag
•IPhone 5
•Wallet & Credit Cards
•Random Pen
•Miscellaneous coins

•Will have asthma attacks if she does anything more than a fast paced walk
•Kidnapped when she was young, held for a large ransom; but she's unaware of this fact
•She was a sickly child and still kind of is
•Her favorite color is pink despite all the blue she wears
•Loves acting and speaking in front of others
•More open outside of school than in school
•Favorite thing to eat is peanut butter icecream with chocolate candies
•**Most years she celebrates her birthday on February 28th

Not available until she has been rped.

ETV (c) ~CrazzKat
App (c) :iconour-school-days:
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